April 26, 2018



After a little spring cleaning and purging my closet, I felt the need to give my body a little reset as well and do a juice cleanse with Blue Print Juices. Due to many events and social gatherings for work over the past month I've been snacking on a lot of junk food and maybe enjoying a glass of wine too many. 

Ahead, you will find the benefits, do's and don'ts and tips to juice cleanse like a pro!



 Photo: @zelayatalks



Breaking The Cycle 


The best way to kickstart my metabolism and ease into the process of eating a balanced diet is to do a juice cleanse and break the cycle of processed foods, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, caffeine and alchohol. It's easy, especially when life gets busy, to get lazy with preparing a healthy meal or opting for that salad rather than a panini on your lunch break. Once your cleanse is complete you will be properly able to transition to a healthy diet that will make you feel more energetic, focused, and all around lighter and less bloated.



Keep It Organic


One of the most important things is to choose a juice cleanse that is 100% natural. I opted for Blueprint Juices since they are non-GMO, don't use any additives and only contain natural fruits and vegetables. Not only will you taste the difference but you also don't want to ingest the exact same harmful ingredients you were trying to rid your body of in the first place. The Blueprint Juice cleanse comprises six different juices to take throughout the day ranging from light, crisp, refreshing cucumber and green juices to fruity and  sweet pineapple and apple juice and finally a hearty cashew, date butter and cinnamon juice to fill you up before bed. 



Rest Your Stomach And Liver


Toxic foods and medication can impair and stress our body's functioning. By cleansing we only allow nutrient-rich juices into our intestine, which consumes less energy and automatically helps heal itself by "giving it a break" and flushes your system of unnecessary toxins.


Rehydrate The Body


Many of us do not drink enough a day (and no, coffee, tea and sodas do NOT count!). A minimum of 5-6 glasses/day is necessary to keep our body functioning and hydrated. The juice cleanse flushes your system, fortifies your body with vitamins and minerals,  and boosts your immune system.



Do's and Dont's 


-DO consult a doctor before starting any kind of cleanse to see if it's right for you.

-DON'T do a juice cleanse because you want to loose weight.

-DO use a cleanse as a gateway to a healthier and more balanced diet.

-DON'T work out excessively while on your cleanse.

-DO snack on water-based vegetables like cucumber or celery if you are feeling extremely hungry and feel the urge to eat.



Tips For A Successful Cleanse


Be sure to ease in and out of your cleanse, meaning to prepare your body before and after. Although it might be tempting to have a pizza after you've had nothing but juices for the past days it's crucial to slowly adjust your body to foods again. About 4 days before I started my cleanse I eliminated processed foods and carbohydrates which made this cleanse much easier on my body than last one, where I just went straight into the cleanse. 

I also meal-prepped some foods for after my cleanse to curb the temptation of eating anything I wasn't supposed to, which really helped. Mental preparation is KEY, the week prior while slowly doing away with all the snacking and processed food make sure your mind is ready for the transition! Meditation, yoga, music and reading are all great stimulaters and stress relievers to help when faced with temptations. 




All in all I believe juicing has so many benefits and has helped me tremendously to getting back to my healthy eating habits. I've tried a lot of different brands and Blue Print is by far my favorite. You can choose from a bunch of different ones on their website, depending on what level you're at, what kind of juices you prefer and the duration of your cleanse. They also sell them at your local Whole Foods in case you just want to pick up a few for on the go instead of going to Starbucks ;) 



*A big thanks to BluePrint Juices for sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest and based off my own experiences.












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