March 3, 2018


One of my favorite events is the annual Miami Yacht show, which showcases the most luxurious and prestigious yachts from top-tier international yacht companies and lures thousands of boating enthusiasts, buyers and marine professionals from across the globe.


This year, I was lucky enough to spend an evening with Highland Park Whisky onboard Yacht Safira in celebration for Miami Yacht Show for an exclusive whisky tasting with Highland Park's senior brand ambassador Martin Markvardsen

Highland Park Whisky is a Scotch whisky distillery based in the northernmost point in Scotland. It was founded in 1798, making it one of the oldest distilleries in the world.


The event was took place on Yacht Safira, a 40 meter (131ft.) super yacht, that was docked in the beautiful Island Gardens Marina (which is pretty much a huge parking lot for mega yachts). We were welcomed onto the yacht with whisky cocktails and led up to the upper deck lounge at the top of the yacht which offered some pretty spectacular views of the Miami skyline during golden hour. 

The tasting was held by the extremely knowledgeable brand ambassador Martin who guided us through each step of the tasting which was split into multiple parts with time in between to cleanse our palettes with nordic-inspired cuisine.


Scroll down for a photo diary of the event:







Big thank you to Highland Park Whisky for putting together such a beautiful evening!


For more info visit:



Photos: Forte Mare


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