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Hello and welcome to my blog, The Red Lipped Gypsy! The articles and pictures on this site will provide insight into my many passions including fashion, travel, food, and "the Miami lifestyle".

I'm Sydney, a half German/half American, living in the Magic City known as Miami for the past year and a half. My life has been anything but stagnant, I was born and raised in a small town south of Munich, Germany. Around the age of sixteen I decided to trade in the quiet country life for the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

As I got older my dream of traveling and exploring other countries and cultures grew even stronger and I decided to pursue work that fit those interests. I applied for a job as an International Flight Attendant and scored a job with British Airways based in London. I packed my bags and followed my wanderlust to the United Kingdom and traveled the world with BA for the next two years. 

My job took me to locations like Tokyo, Paris, Johannesburg, Singapore,and Sydney among many others. However the airline industry isn't all glitz-and-glamour and I made my way to the year-round bikini weather beaches of Miami. I have seen numerous cities but for me personally Miami's vibes are unlike any other. The tropical weather, international scene , art deco architecture and diverse cuisine form an everyday paradise that is still ever-changing.    


How did the name"The Red Lipped Gypsy" come about? It was coined during my time in the airline industry. A flight attendant is always in uniform for hours on end and there are strict upkeep rules so I had to find a way to keep it cute and classy every single flight. Red lips became my staple go-to look and still is today. I'm a free spirit, I love to travel and I'm always in search of my next destination, like a gypsy, and voilà the name was born. 

I hope you enjoy reading about my fashion style, my travels and adventures exploring the beautiful city of Miami! 


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